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The Animal Chair Collection

The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and even including insects. Each creation retains the animal's natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance. This collection is homage to these animals and the whole animal kingdom which inhabits our planet, as an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature in each living thing.

The Octopus Chair

The Octopus Chair


The Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera


The Octopus Chair is the first piece of the Animal Chair Collection, and it establishes a base and point of departure for the pieces to come. Its elegance is perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the piece. In order to be faithful to the animal’s physique and the natural loftiness of its movements, it was necessary to build an internal frame to hold its structure and make its posture possible. Like in the rest of the pieces the animal is the unique protagonist of the oeuvre. In the same way that man and nature rely on each other in order to coexist successfully.

The Octopus Chair places the animal and human being in harmony, where each is considered equal and one is not subject to the other. The Octopus is not decoration; it is as intrinsic to the chair as the person sat upon it. The Octopus Chair thus establishes the affair between the animal, chair and the human as one single entity.

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