L'Esperance Design

L’Esperance Design is a multi-award winning company whose forward thinking and innovative design runs the gamut from historic restorations to futuristic design. Design partners, Paul L’Esperance and Daelen Cory marry top-notch design and decor with innovative technologies. 

This past November, L’Esperance Design participated in the magnificent Showhouse at the Historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Breaking free from the creative restraints of flat wall coverings and the inveterate commitment of old mediums they invented a way to capture the spirit of old world grandeur and bring to life historical inspiration using new innovations in digital textile printing. Inspired by the unique intricacies and depth of design of an Italian Villa, Tenuta Berroni built in 1773, the estate contained decoration commissioned from numerous artists across the Italian countryside. Guided by high-resolution photos taken within the estate, the design team began their project. 

The team used Architectural Projection Mapping to project 3D motion graphics in real-time onto the surface of the detailed coffered ceiling. Elements of the actual ceiling of Tenuta Berroni were meticulously mapped to fit the specifications of the ceiling at Greystone Mansion. 

L’Esperance re-imagines classic design elements by taking phenomenal interiors across the globe and uniquely fitting them into luxurious homes, hotels, and clubs.